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Craft and muse

Tell me if any of this applies to you:

  • you are a talented cook or baker or chef and you want to take great pictures of your dishes
  • you eat amazing food in beautiful places, and you want to capture the experience in the best possible visual way
  • you want to write about food in a book, blog, restaurant review etc., and you want the quality of the images to match your witty prose
  • you are a photographer trying to branch out into food

If any of this applies to you, then you are in a good place for learning a bit about the craft of food photography.

I started this project to create an accessible and free resource, in case you wanted to up your food photography game. Not because I’ve got all the answers (I don’t), but because I want to learn, and I thought you might too. We can all use a bit of beautiful, right?

How much you get out of this blog depends in part on your current skill level. If you are a total newb, then this will likely be useful to you. If you are a seasoned blogger of food photographer, then you likely already know most of what I planned to write about – but you can accrue a bit of good karma when you help the rest of us by sharing your knowledge.

I want to invite you to reach out to me with any food photo questions you have, and I can promise I’ll do my best to research the answer for you. Along the line, we can teach each other so much not only about creating images, but also about how to honour the beautiful food we are so lucky to put on our plates everyday.

I hope this will be both an educational (“craft”) and inspirational (“muse”) journey for you. If you want, go grab a coffee or a tea or a whiskey cocktail, and let’s settle in.

4 thoughts on “Craft and muse

    1. Hi Kris!
      Thank you SO much for your kind words and all the support you have provided over the last few weeks. This projects exists in part thanks to you, and I will never stop being grateful to you for that. Cheers to journeys, and to friends!

    1. Hi Linda!
      On the right side of the screen you can find a Subscribe to New Post Notifications form. If you enter your name and email you will receive a notification whenever I publish a post.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I am SO excited to be sharing on here.

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